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About Spice Co Pack

Spice-Co-Pack develops, mixes, and packages custom dry-spice recipes. We process blends for small start-up businesses, as well as established food service businesses, who need regular and reliable production of dry spice blends. We work with our customers to assist in the development of custom specialty blends and to create scalable recipes for production of variable and accurate quantities. In addition, we work with customers to create custom label art that meets the Department of Agriculture’s requirements. We are capable of filling most common size containers, anywhere from pouches to bottles to five gallon buckets. For dry spice production companies, we can box and palletize the products to be ready for pickup by you or your customers in our warehouse. 

advantages to co-packing

Co-packaging reduces startup costs for the business owner. Startup costs of equipment and facilities can be overwhelming. Co-packing allows for a more accurate prediction of manufacturing costs. Using a copacker can also speed up getting your product to the market. Choosing a copacker who already has an established facility makes producing your own product stress free. Spice - Co - Pack has knowledge in the business and current market. We already have the proper regulatory certifications, lines of credit, insurance, contacts and sources to complete the job. We are familiar with quality parameters, food safety requirements, and shipping needs. Spice - Co - Pack has the proper facility for shipping, receiving, and storing product. Spice - Co - Pack offers product stability testing, nutritional labeling, recipe formulation assistance, and ingredient substitution.  In addition, we also provide services for the graphic design of product labels. 

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